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Family Lawyer in Verona, Essex County, NJ

Mr. Herz is a compassionate family lawyer who listens to his clients and helps them in making important legal decisions involving divorce, child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, adoption, parental relocation, asset division, domestic violence issues, modifications of support terms and annulments.

Mr. Herz serves as a panelist for the Essex County Matrimonial Early Settlement Program and is a member of the Family Law Executive Committee for Essex County.

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In New Jersey, victims of domestic violence have a right to pursue a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that can legally prevent the abusive party from entering an abused person’s home or otherwise contacting him or her.


Temporary Restraining Orders are, typically, issued by the Family Part of the County’s Superior Court. However, when a TRO is needed after hours, you can call the police and the police will contact a Municipal Court judge to obtain a TRO.


Because TROs go into effect immediately and can be permanent, there is a real potential for abuse. If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, a TRO may still prevent you from living in, or even going near your own home. It can also keep you from seeing your children or accessing your personal property.

Domestic Abuse and Temporary Restraining Orders

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The following are among the family-oriented legal services that attorney Herz provides for his clients:


•  Divorce. Mr. Herz has the experience to effectively resolve a simple or complex divorce or to help clients reach marital settlements. His goal is to attain resolutions that benefit everyone involved, including children.

•  Child custody. Mr. Herz understands the factors involved in child custody matters and can negotiate effectively with the other side. He is also able to fight for your interests and those of your children in custody hearings.

•  Parenting time. If you do not have custody of your child, you can receive assistance in acquiring supervised or unsupervised visitation and in modifying visitation terms.

•  Child support and alimony. Mr. Herz helps his clients obtain the child and spousal support levels that work best for them.

•  Adoption. You receive assistance in pursuing and completing adoptions of children and adults, whether they are private, step-parent, or other types of adoptions.

•  Parental relocation. If circumstances require a parent to move out of state, Mr. Herz can assist in seeking appropriate custody and parenting time arrangements, enforcement of existing arrangements or modifications.

•  Division of assets and complex property division. Mr. Herz is adept at resolving divorce-related conflicts that involve assets, including family businesses, high-value estates, real property and other complicated asset considerations. He is also a skilled trial lawyer who can rigorously pursue his client’s interests in court. For both parties to retain as much control over their marital property distribution as possible, attorney Herz recommends negotiation as the first step.  By reducing court costs and attorney fees, negotiation can save you money and time, resources that can be used to rebuild your life or benefit your children.

•  Modification and enforcement of support. When your personal or financial circumstances change, Mr. Herz can seek the appropriate modification of child support or spousal support reflecting those changes.

•  Annulments. People have reasons for seeking to annul marriages. You can receive assistance in nullifying your marriage given sufficient legal grounds.

Please read attorney Herz’s page on the “frequent divorce mistakes.” This valuable information could save you expense and headache as you attempt to resolve your divorce.