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Child Custody Lawyer in Verona, Essex County, NJ

Child custody can be a contentious issue for both divorcing spouses and estranged parents, each of whom must share responsibility for raising a child.


Variables affecting child custody, parenting time, and support are complicated. Mr. Herz has more than 30 years of experience as a family lawyer handling child custody issues. He understands the New Jersey child custody and support system and its requirements.


New Jersey adheres to The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. This law establishes which state should decide custody and/or parenting time issues in cases involving separated or divorced parents living in different states or that will live in different states. It holds that the child’s home state or the state with the strongest connection to the child must decide custody.


Mr. Herz works with parents who are divorcing, or have existing custody arrangements, which need to move away from their present location whether moving into or out of New Jersey. He can help a parent through the process of obtaining legal permission to relocate while retaining child custody and parenting time. He can also protect the interest of the parent objecting to a relocation.

Which State Decides Child Custody or Parenting Time

Mr. Herz can work with you and the other parent to seek a negotiated or mediated solution that does not involve a court struggle - in that way both parents can retain more control over custody arrangements.

Modify or Enforce a Child Custody Order

Mr. Herz is experienced at defending and advocating for the parental rights of mothers and fathers. If you seek to expand your parenting time so that you see your child more and have a better relationship, call Harry Herz.  He will work to secure a beneficial parenting time arrangement for you and your child and to enforce existing parenting time orders or modify such orders, as required.


•  If a court has determined that you should have no visitation rights, Mr. Herz will strive to help you secure parenting time with your child.


•  If circumstances have prevented you from having unsupervised parenting time, Mr. Herz can work with you to improve your chances of obtaining unsupervised time with your child.


•  If your circumstances change, Mr. Herz can work with you to change your visitation status through a modification.

Parenting Time, Visitation

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Child custody is determined according to “the best interests of the child.” Although judge’s decisions can vary, courts often award joint legal custody in the interest of preserving the child’s relationship with both parents.


Custody decisions do not favor one parent over another on the basis of gender. Courts do consider several other factors, including:

•  The quality of the child’s relationship with each parent

•  Each parent’s ability to provide for the child's needs

•  Historical division of child care responsibilities

•  Whether the child was physically or sexually abused, or subjected to substance abuse or abandonment

•  Length of time the child has lived in his or her current residence

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